Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer is liable for customs/ duties/ charges and can not hold by United Xpress Services against any of the associated charges and/or delays arising thanks to customs clearance.
  2. The customer is solely liable for the size and weight specified to be correct and if there are any variations to the load and/or dimensions, the customer might be charged for the additional weight and extra processing charges occurring thanks to change in dimensions/weight declared and also the shipments might be stopped thanks to discrepancy in dimensions specified.
  3. United Xpress Services isn't liable for shipment held for any reason beyond our control like government agencies, natural calamities or unforeseen events.
  4. The customer also agrees to not ship any prohibited items listed in United Xpress Services website (subject to changes from time to time) and is solely liable for the results arising out of it if sent. Return shipment charges and also possible custom charges are going to be borne only by the Customer provided if there's no mistake of United Xpress Services.

    Claims on Shipment value above Rs.1000/- would be entertained only upon insurance of the packages.

  5. In case of injury of shipments due to solely United Xpress Services mistake, Refund are going to be given in 100 days.
  6. Claiming conditions: Complaint must tend within 72hrs in writing from the shipment delivery date, along side proof. United Xpress Services isn't responsible for the subsequent
  7. Delayed shipments: we'll make every effort to deliver your shipment consistent with our regular schedules. United Xpress Services isn't responsible for any delays, on account of learning a shipment
  8. Transporting a shipment (including delays causes by diversions) Delivering a shipment
  9. We reserve the proper , without admitting liability to refund transportation/shipping chages so. But United Xpress Services isn't obligated to try to to so.
  10. Circumstances beyond our control : United Xpress Services isn't liable if shipment is lost(includes misdelivered) or damaged due to circumstances beyond our control. Those circumstances includes: An act of God for instance earthquake , cyclone, storm or flood etc. Force Majeure for instance war, plane crash or embargo.
  11. Any defect or characteristic to try to to with the character of the shipment. albeit known to us once we accepted it.
    1. Consequential damages: United Xpress Services isn't responsible for the subsequent , whether or not they arise in contract or the other sort of civil aviation, including negligence , and albeit they're our fault.
    2. Consequential or special damages of loss. Other direct loss Breach of other contracts
  12. United Xpress Services is responsible for Extent of our liability: our liability for lost or damaged shipment is restricted to rock bottom of those 3 amounts:
    1. INR 1000/- or
    2. The actual amount of loss or damage as per the United Xpress Services Invoice
    3. The actual value of the package. This doesn't include any commercial utility or special value to the shipper or the other person.
  13. What 'actual value' Means: rock bottom of the subsequent amounts determined because the time and therefore the place we accepted the shipment documents (meaning any shipment without commercial value).
    1. Package meaning any shipment with commercial value.
    2. The cost of repairing or replacing the parcel
    3. The resale of fair market price of the parcel
    4. The actual value of the parcel can't be quite the first cost to you plus 10 percent. any claims on documents are going to be entertained upon taking the insurance - DHL/Fedex/UPS etc. All disputes are subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.

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